Monday, August 18, 2014

Land of Miracles

This is one very blessed sister over here! We are seeing miracles everyday and in large part from the 40 Day Fast. It makes sense, think of how many people are exercising their faith and praying for missionary work in this area. Here are some of the miracles:
Miracle Uno- Angel! She is truly an angel. She is just latching on to everything (including food storage) and despite a lot of opposition in her path, she received that witness from the Holy Ghost and is pressing forward. After a few tense days, she is getting baptized on August 22nd! She is such a miracle.
Miracle Dos- A former investigator from years ago contacted us and wants to be baptized as well. Let's just say he went to only LDS services when he was in the army and he was throwing around words like "stake patriarch." Now comes the part where he tries to figure out how to tell his wife...
Miracle Tres- I survived all of my bike riding adventures for the mission!
Miracle Four- Hit my 18 month mark!
Miracle Five- A couple of members came up to us and said that their husbands are opening up more for the gospel.
Miracle Six- We are teaching lots of solid lessons which equates to progressing investigators!
Miracle Seven- We only have one more exchange left and I will be out of my area so I survived all of those exchanges!
Miracle Eight- We live here on the earth when the gospel is here in its fulness!!!
Of course, with all of these wonderful miracles we are experiencing a lot of opposition. This opposition only encourages us and lets us know that we are doing the right thing or else Satan wouldn't fight us this much.
I am just a mix of emotions right now. I'm grateful for a wonderful companion. incredible area people, and my calling. Thanks for the prayers and the support for these 18 months!
WILL YOU be sure to email me so I have something to read next Monday?
I love you!!
Love Sister Neener :)

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