Friday, August 8, 2014

Jumbled Thoughts

Just always, always going! Not too organized with my notes for this week so we'll do it day by day.

Monday- We had an indoor snowball fight! A member family invited us over for dinner and FHE. Reminded me of "Who's the duck?" and dog piles after the prayer.

Tuesday- My favorite lesson of the day was reenacting the Book of Mormon stories with a part member family. I also had my last dermatologist appointment here in Tennessee!

Wednesday- Exchange in Christiana! I was in a trio for the day. They are a party, but it can be tricky to teach in unity. We went to a Book of Mormon class that another ward in the area puts on. The room was full!!! The number of new converts, returning members, and investigators was astounding!

Thursday- Our morning was quite the adventure! We rode on the "rover" which is Murfreesboro City bus system. My days in London working the Underground proved to be handy and miraculously we didn't get lost! We volunteered at a community help center and got to know some of the more colorful characters of Murfreesboro. We also had an incredible lesson about the Plan of Salvation with a lady named Angel. She is so ready for the gospel!

Friday- We kicked off the 40 Day Fast for the ward today! Despite the hot temps and biking as our transportation, we survived! Incredible to see how the Lord will strengthen us over and over again. That night we met a part member family who had a library in their house!!! It was so beautiful to see all of those books so neatly organized! Apparently the mission didn't squash the nerd out of me.

Saturday- What started as a perfectly planned day, ended up as the day where the Lord wanted us to be. We had members come out with us, a less active commit to stop smoking for a month, an investigator at a baptism, and reviewing fasting with a lot of new members! 

Sunday- Angel came to church!!!! After much prayer and overcoming obstacles, she came! She only stayed for half of sacrament meeting (she thought her boys were too active), but she came!! It was Heath Spear's baptism (nephew to the Malta Merediths) and we were able to attend! And I was able to see some Malta-ites!! Love that little taste of home!

It was really such a wonderful week! My heart is full of the tender mercies of the Lord and the incredible things I get to witness His children doing. Being surrounded by the gospel changes you. 

My PMG study was rushed, but the section on accountability was a good reminder that we all have to face accountability one day. So we can use it to bless us or condemn us. Agency!

Sorry for my jumbled email! It is a reflection of my life right now! 

WILL YOU continue to pray for our baptism this transfer and specifically pray for Angel and Sammy by name?

God bless you!

Love Sister Neener (:

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