Monday, July 28, 2014

Baboon, Breakfast, and Baptisms

Hello from the best mission on earth!!

Some of my favorite moments of the week:

*Singing "I Am a Child of God" to four yippee dogs to so that they would quiet down. It didn't work. Only some random Baptist song about baboons did the trick. It wasn't until the third verse that I realized she was saying bubblin' and not baboon. In her defense she didn't have her dentures in.

*Ward Pioneer Breakfast! It only seems fitting to binge on pancakes with whip cream and nutella in an air conditioned building to commemorate those who sacrificed everything...

*Teaching the message of the Restoration to those who are so ready and prepared. One of my favorite things to do is to share the First Vision. Do you realize how much Spirit is behind those words?? So incredible to think about.

*Setting another incredible baptismal date while on an exchange. Do you know how many baptismal dates I have set for other missionaries in their area??! You would think it would rub off into my own area. However, it is really cool to see that the Lord is preparing people in all portions of His vineyard.

*Teaching part member families! I love helping families come closer to Christ together. Best thing ever.

It was just a really great week that flew by! Sometimes with the clock ticking, I get really impatient and want to do things in my timing, but as always, it is in the Lord's timing. We have really met some prepared people (all connected to members of course!) and President Andersen promised that we could have a baptism every transfer. We are putting that promise to the test! WILL YOU pray with us for our next baptismal date?

During my study of Chapter 8 in PMG, I came across an activity at the end of the chapter that has you visualize the end of your mission. I wasn't going to do because I didn't want to get depressed or anything like that, but I felt that all familiar push to do it anyways. I came to the conclusion that I simply want to do God's will forever. There are these golden moments when the Spirit whispers to me, "You helped this person today. You are an instrument in His hands." Those are moments I never want to go away. 

I love you all to pieces and pieces! One more month of this crazy adventure and then on to the new ones that Heavenly Father has in store for me!

Sure love you!

Love Sister Neener (: 

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