Monday, July 14, 2014

Psaltery, Organ & Song

Whoever can guess the hymn where the title originates wins....a pass a long card!

Transfer news: I will be staying in Stones River (!!!!!!!!!!!) and I will be receiving Sister West (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). So so so excited for this transfer. I absolutely love this area and Sister West is just an incredible missionary. She was in my district for 2 transfers and I have been on an exchange with her. Love her to death and I know she will work me hard and help me endure to the end!
I'm sad that Johnson & Johnson is coming to an end, but we knew that this was going to happen. Goodbyes are sad, hard, and definitely do not get easier with time. The past few days have been full of them. Not to mention that week six in a transfer is a very stressful time! I do not like it one bit. However, we did survive EIGHT exchanges this transfer!! I think we are the only sister missionaries in the Tennessee Nashville Mission who have ever pulled off that feat! Thankfully we only have seven this transfer.

The area is doing great! Hot as always, but we have some investigators progressing finally!! And we are working with the Bills in getting them to the temple to do baptisms for the dead! I hope to be able to go with them. I just love that family. 

My first highlight of the week was playing "Amazing Grace" on a psaltery. We didn't think to get a video of it so it looks like I'll be buying one and serenading my roommates with it along with my ukulele. The second highlight was seeing my dearest Sister Pitcher (or Kate now) again!!! She is a counselor for EFY and she got the session for Bowling Green, KY. She was able to come down to Murfreesboro for church! Celestial mission companion right there. 

Chapter 6 has to be one of my favorite Preach My Gospel chapters ever. It is amusing to see how I have rated myself throughout the mission. As I was reading the individual attributes, I evaluated myself to see how I have grown on my mission. Naturally, I grew in all areas, but I recognized the role of prayer in developing these attributes. The more I prayed for a specific attribute, the more I have grown. I echo the words said in PMG, you cannot develop these attributes without prayer. 

I am excited to study Chapter 7 this week! Hopefully it will help me decide on which language I should study at BYU. (hee hee) I really do love this chapter because it forces you to apply it to your life when you are not studying a language. And I love application! I usually throw in something about application whenever I give a training. So my challenge for this week will be: WILL YOU go into Chap 7 with a specific application in mind? If you start with something in mind and involve the Lord, revelation will flow.

I love y'all!

Love Sister Neener (:

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