Monday, July 7, 2014

Hurrah for Israel ... and America

What a wonderful week! I just love my missionary life!
Let's talk about the homeland. In perfect timing I finished the Book of Mormon on the 4th of July. Makes sense right? Reading a book that takes place in the Americas? Not to mention that the theme of freedom is threaded throughout its pages. And when are they free? When they are obedient. I love that message! And I love the Book of Mormon as well. As I have started it over, Heavenly Father has once again shown me that, yes, there is always more.
Our Fourth of July was spent planning for the week, visiting those who wouldn't have company on that day, and eating dinner with the Meredith's (who are related to the Meredith's in Malta). It was a great little gathering and the perfect way to spend the day. If you didn't know, holidays are some of the most awkward days for missionaries.
And now we will travel abroad. What's a week without going on a Spanish exchange?! I really do love the Hispanic community and met the most wonderful recent convert from Spain. She refuses to speak Spanish with the sisters so I heard all of her stories (colorful language included). And she had five fluffy cats in her home. Loved it!
In our tracting hour yesterday, a family let us in without really knowing why we were there. Turns out, they are from Saudi Arabia and have only been in the US for 3 months. The father knew decent English and is attending school at MTSU. They had 3 beautiful little girls and the mother was so gracious. First she brought out orange juice in fancy goblets on a tray and later she brought this platter of fruit! They offered us Arabian coffee, but we politely declined. With the language barrier, we could only communicate so much about the church, but they were interested in learning more.
I love the people. And I get the privilege of meeting so many every single day. My favorite though is when you know that Heavenly Father crossed your paths for a reason.
The rest of the week was spent in exchanges, meetings, and finding those who are prepared. We are meeting so many people that sometimes the follow-up doesn't happen. We are going through the ward list and just working, working, and working.
I also really enjoyed my experience of running the 5k for Steve! So many good memories and feelings came to me as I ran. Grateful that my family is forever.
As I have been studying our assignment in Preach My Gospel about Christlike attributes, I realized that so many of mine have grown after a trial. Each attribute has been more sought after and magnified as I have tried to fill the Savior's shoes in my various assignments. I pray that I can continue to develop them throughout my life.
Transfers info will be next week so if you are sending anything directly to the apartment, make sure that you send it soon!!
And the commitment, WILL YOU take the Christlike attribute evaluation on page 126 this week? How can you improve if you don't know what to improve on?
I love you and I'll try really, really hard not to preach at you when I come home!
Love Sister Neener (:

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