Monday, June 2, 2014


*Quick note* Because of the increase of missionaries, the mission office is having a hard time keeping up with the letters/packages. If you would like, you can send it to my apt address:
1210 Hazelwood Dr Apt D56
Murfreesboro, TN
(No idea what the zip code is)
I will be here for at least another six weeks. Or you could just keep it at the mission home. Either way. I'm not picky. 

This has been a hard week. Tomorrow is going to be the worst transfer meeting of my life. I have to say goodbye to some of my favorite companions and other sisters that I have come to love. So much changes on the mission, but they have always been there so to imagine the mission without them is really hard. Not to mention the struggle that Sister Pitcher is going through as she prepares to go home this week. Once again, not looking forward to that part of the mission.

But it has been a really good week as well.Two seems to be the theme. 1. Marc finally was confirmed today along with 2.receiving the Aaronic priesthood! He expressed his excitement during his testimony in sacrament meeting. Seriously love that family. They are on the right path. 

We had two exchanges this week one after another. An adventure, but it worked out. 1. On one of them I went with Hermana Stokes who is from Rigby, ID and her best friend is Kenzie Spencer!! Small, small world. 2. Then I went on one with a sister from Idaho Falls.

1. Zone meeting was great. For the most part, I enjoy training the missionaries in our zone. Especially when I am able to use my creativity. 2. MLC was this week as well. We have Elder Pino from the Seventy visit again. Powerful meeting with my favorite missionaries.

1. Sister Johnson (me) will be staying in Stones River ward and her companion is 2. Sister Johnson!! We're Johnson and Johnson- An Eternal Family Company.

And breaking the two theme, Sister Andersen took Sister Pitcher and I out to lunch! This never happens! I don't know how we got to be so spoiled.

My heart is heavy, but I'm going to get over it because there are going to be miracles happening in this area soon!!

Studying the Laws and Ordinances in PMG, I thought about how they cater to my spiritual growth and they firm our grip on the iron rod! And this week is all about the Holy Ghost. I have definitely been able to strengthen that relationship on the mission, but is something I am still working on. WILL YOU pray more specifically for an experience of receiving a prompting from the Holy Ghost this week? I know that as we pray, Heavenly Father will place those exact experiences we need on our path. 

Love you!

Love Sister Neener (:

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