Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Happy Birthday

I had the perfect 22nd birthday!!! I felt the love from all around!! Thank you for the packages and notes. I most definitely felt like a spoiled princess.

My companion is already done with her email so this will be a short one!

6 awesome things about this week:

1. My birthday!! Running, favorites for breakfast, fun packages, members feeding us, seeing some of my favorite investigators, and sharing my birthday with Gracy (see next bullet point for more of a story). It was just a perfect missionary birthday!

2. Sister Doak- She is one of my favorite people ever! She is obsessed with purple and her baby Gracy (the word "cat" is a swear word in their home). Gracy will not let anyone pet her let alone hold her. So my b-day wish was to pet her. Sister Doak insisted that I hold Gracy as she forced the hissing cat into my lap. It was quite scary. But it was successful! And I only have a few battle wounds. 

3. I rode a bike for the first time on my mission! Let me tell you, I never struggled with modesty on the mission as much as I did on that bike. But it was so much fun. We had some rides cancel on us so we had to speed pedal to some appointments leaving me with some exhausted legs. I loved it.

4. The Meredith's are some of my favorite people. They fed us this week so I got to know Mama Mary even better as we reminisced about Malta. We are also teaching her grandson who is preparing for baptism in a couple of months. I love them!!!

5. It seems like everyone and their dog had stake conference this week. We did as well. They were talking about technology and how its sole purpose is to help hasten the work. Someone quoted Brigham Young who said that there would be time-saving inventions so that we could have more time to go to the temple!!! Isn't that awesome?! 

6. Marc is preparing for baptism on Saturday!! He is doing great!

The area is great and I am loving it! We are going on exchanges like crazy.

As I read Lesson 3 in PMG, I thought about how the gospel is all about change and progress. We have to learn to love, embrace, and seek change and progress in order to have the most happiness. I have lived the gospel more fully here on my mission than any other time in my life.

WILL YOU share your favorite Book of Mormon scripture with someone?

Love Sister Neener (:

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