Monday, May 12, 2014

Culture of the Murf

That has to have been one of the craziest and quickest Skype calls I have been on! I loved it even though I could have gone on for a few more hours. Thanks for being a great family!

Once again, it has been a week. A lot of walking and hard work involved so, once again, we are exhausted every night. My shoes are definitely getting their wear and tear. 

I have definitely had my share of cultural experiences this week:

-Spanish exchange! Not one lesson was in English. We accidentally crashed the Spanish branch party so they fed us the most delicious Mexican food. 

-I met with a new member for the first time. He is from New Zealand, accent and all. Before we even began the lesson he requested to know of my travels so that he could gauge my understanding and openness. 

-We went to one of our investigator's church called Mt. Zion. It most definitely fulfilled my expectations of a black gospel church with the choir, drums, and pulpit-pounding preacher. My complaints of the loudness are a sign of me becoming more and more like the Mummsie. 

We have been working with some incredible people at this time. One family is getting baptized on May 31st!! We are beyond excited for them as they set goals for the temple. We are also making a lot of progress with another investigator. We took him on a church tour where the Spirit was so strong. I love the Spirit. He is working miracles over here.

Our video for the week is called, "To Every Mother." One of the most precious videos ever. I have loved celebrating motherhood all week especially with the church's push on social media to get the importance of motherhood out there! Moms are incredible. 

For my Preach My Gospel study this week on Lesson 2 I decided to highlight Jesus Christ in all of the principles. It was really easy. However, my testimony deepened on just how much we need our Savior. Without Him, we would be lost and fallen with no hope. However, He did it. And He did it for you and for me.

Lesson 3 is all about The Gospel of Jesus Christ! I love these simple and plain instructions that Heavenly Father has given to us so that we know how to return to Him. WILL YOU read one of my mission-mission blog posts about the gospel (faith, repentance, baptism, gift, endure, or gospel) and share it on FB?

Love you all!!

Love, Sister Neener (:

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