Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Mission Choir, Volleyball, Pinata & Preach My Gospel

Lots have happened this week:

*I sang in the mission choir for an Easter concert. We have another few this coming Easter weekend. My favorite song is "For the Beauty of the Earth" Mormon Tabernacle style. You can tell who grew up with MoTab in their home and who did not.

*I've been honing in my volleyball skills with the YSA and the other sisters in our district. It is sad when I am one of the better players.

*We were visiting a lady at a nursing home (no she is not on our ward list, but our branch president requested that we visit her). She slyly gave us $20 for dinner so on our way home we stopped at a Sonic. One of the employees asked us if we were Mormons and then told us how one of her best friends is on a mission in Texas. She is so interested in learning more about the gospel!!

*Another exchange! Thankfully it was in my area this time. I feel like I don't even know my area that well because of all the exchanges and meetings we have.

*This was the week of us visiting returning members and less actives and receiving a lot of referrals!

*The zone leaders requested that both the elders and sisters have a musical number at zone meeting. The sisters sang "Joseph Smith's First Prayer" to the tune of "Come Thou Font." The elders started off by singing "As Sisters of Zion" and then changed to "Called to Serve" with a beat boxer. It was a great zone meeting.

*We had a meeting on Sister Andersen's birthday and she broke open a pinata during lunch. It was a lot like Alma 17.....

*Corey Hannon (new member from Tullahoma) came to church on Sunday!!! So good to see him!

I love this area! We are working with so many amazing members and investigators. We have a number who are so ready and close to baptism, but there is just that one thing. The Lord is really good at making us rely on Him! 

How is Preach My Gospel going? I made a schedule and then took some pictures of it so you can read PMG before next conference!!! Here are some of my thoughts from this week's reading:

I love the First Presidency message! I find it very inspiring. As I read those Introduction pages I wrote down a few goals that I want to focus on while I go through Preach My Gospel this time including more application, review, and personal scripture references. 

Study is so important as a missionary. To paraphrase Elder Holland, you tell me how your study goes and I will tell you how your day, year, mission, and life goes. Part of scripture study is to write it down. Keep a study journal!

My favorite part is how EVERY missionary (and everyone is a missionary) is needed to help build the kingdom. That is one of my major mission lessons that the Lord uses all of His missionaries for their talents, gifts, and personalities. 

As you read this week's chapter, WILL YOU make the missionary purpose, your purpose?

I love you best!

Love Sister Neener (:

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