Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter year Round

Happy Easter!!!

I decided that being on a mission is like celebrating Easter year round. You talk about Christ, wear your Sunday best, and eat a lot of food. Also you are constantly finding people like an Easter egg hunt. 

My Easter was wonderful! I was surrounded by incredible missionaries and wonderful members! We spent all day in Columbia, TN and sang at two sacrament meetings. We attended Sunday School and Relief Society in both units, which meant 6 hours of church! Heaven for missionaries and punishment for anyone else. Later that night we sang at a Presbyterian church. Sadly not a lot of people attended, but I loved spending my day sharing my testimony of our Risen Savior through song. 

Guess what?? I'm moving again!! After being in both of my previous areas for a long time, it is weird to transfer after only 6 weeks. I will be serving in the Stones River ward which is in Murfreesboro so I'm not moving too far. Already knowing a number of members in the ward, I am super stoked to be serving there. I will be serving with my Sister Training Leader companion, Sister Pitcher! She is an AMAZING missionary and this is her last transfer. Excited for the miracles and memories coming this transfer!

I had some miracles this week while on an exchange with Sister Talbert! It was fun to be her companion again! We met some awesome folks that have great potential. The hard part is that the semester is coming to a close so a lot of our investigators will be heading back to their homes.

Other events of this week include going to a dermatologist appointment in Brentwood, a communion for a Pentecostal group that meets on campus, and institute. I absolutely love institute. They announced their summer class: Celestial Marriage. Good timing to move right? And then we had a bad day where two investigators dropped us within 15 minutes and we had awful fro you. Who knew that fro you could be that bad? That was probably the most disappointing part. 

How is everyone's Preach My Gospel reading going? I loved rereading Chapter 1 for the billionth time. I did one of the activities in the latter part of the section. It asks you what your hopes and desires were when I received my call and how those have been fulfilled. My greatest desire was to change and influence people. I also knew in that process I would be changed myself. Both have happened, but just not in the ways I thought it would be. There are so many things to a mission that are hard to explain and predict. I recognized when I changed and influenced others the most, it was when I was simply following the Spirit and trying to do what the Savior would do. (This is when I say "do-do-do-dooooooo.") Especially as I come to the close of my mission, I don't want my experience get in the way of what the Lord wants me to do. 

Those are my little thoughts. I am soooo excited to study Chapter 2 this week. This is when the nerdy part of me comes out. As you study Chapter 2 WILL YOU send me some of your favorite study ideas?

Sure love you!!!

Love Sister Neener (:

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