Monday, March 31, 2014

Miracles in Murf


Just in case you were wondering. A lot of miracles are happening around here. For example, we were struggling with finding new investigators. On one particular snowy day (the only cold day. Every other day has been really nice) all of our appointments failed. We called up another set of missionaries to pick us up and they took us to someone they had tracted into that was YSA age. His name is Al. He lives in a home with 20 other YSA age men. Potential investigators for days.

The next day we went over to follow up with Al. As we were studying the Book of Mormon on his front porch, undercover cops pull up and start searching his cousin. No one knew what to do so we just continued reading the Book of Mormon. This is my missionary life.

We had a returning member catch fire this week. She finally agreed to meet up with us and after that she wanted to come out with us pretty much everyday this week. She sold her concert ticket so that she could come to the Women's Conference. It has been amazing!

Speaking of the Women's Conference, I absolutely loved it! And I loved thinking of my favorite women in Idaho and Utah watching it at the exact same time! It is like looking at the same moon. I felt very inspired with traditions and principles I want to carry over from my mission to post mission life. We had two investigators attend and it was absolutely perfect for them. 

We attended zone conference, baptisms, and had an exchange. We also went to another choir practice in Nashville and afterwards we went to a few chic stores! I was in heaven.

And I'm sorry this is so short and I may not be able to reply to anyone personally because I need to register for classes!!

WILL YOU invite someone to watch General Conference this weekend?

Much love!!

Sister Neener (:

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