Monday, March 24, 2014

M is for Miracles and Murfreesboro and Missionaries

Guess what?? Spring break is over so I will stop whining about how no students were on campus. And then with exchanges and meetings I was gone from my area for half the week. Such is life. Such is my missionary life.
So I went on my favorite kind of exchanges- Spanish!! I was in an area called Hermitage with a sister who came out with me. Just like every exchange, miracles happened, the sisters I work with prove to be amazing, and the members fed us good food. I love exchanges.

Our meeting for this week was a Mission Leader Conference with Brother Mike Hemingway who is in charge of proselyting for the church. Let's just say all of us missionaries were spiritually and mentally drained at the end of our meeting. We all left with a 20 bullet point list of things we need to change. 

M'boro YSA is filled with miracles.

1. Our investigator with a baptismal date was really down during one of our lessons. She wasn't really opening up so the next day we are texting her and she agrees to a priesthood blessing. She finally told us that her mom's boyfriend recently passed away and she was stressing out because she didn't have any means to get down there. Bing! I took that by the horns and was able to share my experience and testimony with her. Isn't it incredible that the Lord places you just right.

2. Another investigator made a significant difference in his progression in 10 days time. It was incredible to see the Lord work on him in just that short amount of time.

3. And then we have this less active they have been working on. We decided to just simply ask him to come to institute and stop smoking. He said yes and yes. Guess what? He came to institute. Guess what else? He is coming to the 12 step program with us tomorrow. All they need is a little invite and a little push. 

I love being a missionary! I love being on a mission! I love serving others! I love serving the Lord!

WILL YOU attend the Women's General Conference this week OR babysit some kids so that women can go?? While you're at it, invite someone to watch it with you (:


Love, Sister Neener (:

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