Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patty's Day!!

This is the first and probably last time I will say, "I am grateful that spring break is over."

Why? Because none of our investigators were here this week! Nevertheless, it was a wonderful week and we committed someone to baptism! I am in love with the YSA. The members are great. The investigators are great. And there is such a variety of investigators as well. I miss my stereotypical country folks, but I absolutely love being in the city! And I love being on campus. Flashback to my BYU-I days...

Like I might have mentioned last week, my companion is Sister Bishop from Ammon, Idaho. She is is awesome. She is crazy. She is lively. She was showing me a picture of her family and the immediate thought that went through my mind is "That's an Aunt Robin picture." However, I didn't say anything. Later Sister Bishop was asking me about people I knew from Idaho Falls and we found out that indeed Aunt Robin took her picture!!!! Isn't that crazy! Well, Idaho isn't that big so I guess it is not too surprising. 

Perks of being in this area- FHE, institute, part-time car so I get to walk! (And everything that I mentioned above)

The not-so-perky-parts of this area- A lot more cat-calling, name calling, and spitting; nights and weekends are hard to schedule in those crazy college kids, and coming in after an awesome sister missionary. This last one is a new one for me because I have always opened the area so everyone was excited for sister missionaries and didn't suffer from "I'm miss Sister so-and-so." Oh well. Just as Dad is winning over all of the nursery kids, I will soon win over all of the YSA kids. Same thing right?

My excitement for today was my first trip to Aldi's, going into a Target, and singing in the mission choir. I have always been too far away to participate so I am really excited to be able to sing for Easter services! I also used my opera voice as we sang the Mormon Tabernacle Choir's rendition of "For the Beauty of the Earth."

Much love to everyone!!!

Love you as much as I love Ireland and then some!

Love Sister Neener (:

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