Monday, March 3, 2014

Member Missionaries and Miracles

I forgot to go through my journal to write down the events of this week so hopefully I remember it all.
First of all, the weather. It is crazy. Snow and ice all over the place (and here I thought I wouldn't have to deal with this for 18 months). They called for power outages, but that hasn't happened...yet. President Andersen is taking very good care of us and forcing us inside if the weather is bad. Get this, EVERY school in Kentucky is closed today.
Second of all, I had one of the best exchanges this week. I went to Fort Campbell, which is a military base. This is the first time I've been on post and it was so neat! It is like a little city, inside of a city. Because of military and church relations, we had to take off our nametags and we couldn't go tracting. We had to be with a member at all times and we could only go to homes where they were expecting us. It is tough, but ideal for the whole members and missionaries working together.
Story time, so we were planning on going to a recent convert on base when she texted us and asked if she could have a friend over to teach the gospel to. Of course we said yes. This friend came in and halfway through the Plan of Salvation, she was asking what she needed to do to get ready for baptism. She had seen the change in her friend and wanted it for herself and her family!
Miracle right there. And how much work did we missionaries have to do? Squat.
This is why they are pushing for members to be more involved in missionary work. Honestly, they are the best finders!
I'll stop the preaching and continue on with the exchange. I spend the night and then we were going to meet to exchange back right before my interview with the mission president. On the way there, a bolt went into the side of the tire. It was the craziest thing ever. Needless to say, I was late for the interviews. No biggie.
But it was fun. And I was with another Sister Johnson...yes I did indeed arrange it like that on purpose.
Off the top of my head, other events of this week included meeting some awesome new investigators, knocking on A LOT of doors, having a young lady who is preparing to go on a mission come on a mini mission with us, having investigators bear their heart and soul to you, and relishing the awesome spirit that is felt at the Hartford Branch testimony meeting.
I love these people.
Changes to Facebook have occurred. We are no longer able to be friends on Facebook with the folks back home (excluding immediate family members). However, there is a neat little feature where they can follow me without being my friend. Please spread the word and encourage everyone to spread the Spirit on Facebook! Also, I can teach anyone, anywhere in the world who is on Facebook so please send me those referrals!
WILL YOU pray to find someone for me to teach online??
Love you mucho mucho!
Love Sister Neener (:

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