Monday, February 3, 2014

Short and Sweet

Hello my dearest of dears!

It has been a good week. 5 reasons why:

1. We helped the YW paint their room pink. It reminded me of when Decca and I painted our rooms mint and purple.....

2. We watched a broadcast with L. Tom Perry addressed to all of us southern missions. I seriously love that man. Two years ago he came to the booming metropolis we call Rexburg, ID. There he addressed the many Relief Society presidencies. I shook his hand and took stalker pictures of him.

3. We took two sisters to teach two sisters and then a mom and daughter to teach a mom and daughter- all in one night! It was exciting. And once again my testimony grows of having members at our lessons. Their testimonies are so strong and speak to investigators like none other.

4. Testimony meeting in the Branch. I was feeling pretty down and their testimonies lifted my spirits. Oh how the testimony of others can influence others. That is how Heavenly Father helps us- through others. 

5. Family history. Whether it is helping a less active discover their's or talking about it with a Wicken, it is priceless.

Any questions?

So my Sam (Nephi's younger brother) study. I have grown to love that guy. The Christlike attribute that he exemplifies is humility. How would it be to have your younger brother be a leader over you? It is one thing to be humble before God. That's not too hard because He can take you out with the snap of His fingers. But it requires a lot of humility and faith to follow one of His servants, especially when you grew up with him! And yet, Sam was willing and obedient. For someone who struggles a lot with pride, Sam takes a top spot in my Book of Mormon heroes.

[Change of subject]

One of the struggles that missionaries have to struggle with is not just doing your best, but knowing what your best is. Yes, we may give our all, but then there is agency. That wonderful gift that you love and hate so much at the same time. I want to know what thoughts may be running  through your mind on this subject. And I also need some help on my blog. WILL YOU email/write me on what your definition of giving it your all/best AND message me on Facebook (I won't respond) answering the question, "What is Love?" ? 

Sorry to load the homework load on you. Probably why I should not be a school teacher.

I sure love you all!!

Love, Sister Neener (:

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