Monday, January 13, 2014

A ride with the Elders

Welp family. It's been one of those weeks where I had a lot to do in between our nightly planning sessions and retiring to bed at 10:30 so I'm still trying to catch up on my journal entries. Hopefully I don't forget anything too important....
The week started out cold. I received many of scoldings for not having enough layers on. I guess you could say that I'm still climatized to Idaho. Thankfully it warmed up a little bit. Walmart was running out of milk, bread, eggs, etc. On a side note, I broke the microwave plate.
The week went down south (Literally! We went toHopkinsville, KY.) for a zone meeting. It is a truth universally acknowledge that Elders will be Elders and the Lord will protect any poor sister missionary who has to ride in a car with them.
The week became even my crazy because I had my 3rd exchange in Russellville, KY. Seriously love that place. The people there are absolutely crazy. No impromptu YW's activity, but I did have to walk around with a donut hanging on my tongue. Also EVERY house offered us food and because it is the south, you cannot refuse. Calling for any and all 25 minute workouts.
The week ended with my Johnson parents in the mission. The 1st counselor and his wife came all the way from Brentwood, TN to speak to our little branch. Afterwards we had a potluck for them, which they couldn't attend. We didn't complain because we received all the leftovers. Also, President Johnson said, "Every person that has been taught in my home, has been baptized." What does that mean for you?? Have those missionaries teach in your home!!! The spirit in member's homes is incredible!
Update on the area: We are working with a young girl named Cedar. Her mom is excommunicated, but Cedar has been coming to church every week for almost the whole time I have been here. She wants to be baptized so we are teaching her the lessons along with the 10 commandments and the articles of faith (her mom's requirements). We are waiting to hear back from her Grandpa so he can fly in from Utah to baptize her. We are super duper excited for her!
We are meeting a lot of people whom we term to be "dry Mormons." All we need to do is add some water (baptism). They are incredible! The hard part though is that because they are living their lives in such a way, the spiritual atmosphere jump is not as big compared to those who are in very humble circumstances.
We also had four less actives come to church today! Celebrate the small victories!
Sorry for the scattered email. That's my life right now- scattered!
My commitment for you this week is to share my blog post about covenants. WILL YOU share it? I expect to get at least 6 shares from it! If not, I refuse to write an email this week.....just kidding. I think I would feel the wrath of the Mummsie if I did that. But please share it. Covenants apply to EVERYONE and are so important to blessing our lives here on earth and receiving exaltation in the life to come.
I sure love you!
Love Sister Neener (:

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