Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Such a wonderful week for Sister Johnson! Let me tell you:
Monday- Usual P-day activities with some shopping. New skirt, new blouse, and new shoes for only $20!! And this is new-new stuff, not my usual new-for-me stuff. (Thank you Mummsie for the new outfit!)
Tuesday- I discovered that they make Moon Pie Ice Cream Sandwiches!!!! If I were into hashtags, I would now insert a hashtag symbol followed by the phrase "Best thing ever" with no spaces, no captilization, and the "er" in ever would be an "a." Thank goodness I don't do hashtags, right?
Wednesday- Went to one of my favorite places ever! I'll give you three clues: 1. There is a golden statue on top of it. 2.You can be sealed to your families there. 3. It is where heaven meets earth.  I just love the temple and that is that.
Thursday- Hit my year mark!
Friday- Happy V-day! Loved all the spoiling that happened. Didn't like trying to do missionary work that day. "Oh you're going on date? Here's a Law of Chastity pamphlet....."
Saturday- Lesson at Dairy Queen. What is better than ice cream and the gospel?
Sunday- Went to another ward.....
We had a coordinating meeting in Madison, TN which is close to Nashville at a ward building. For us far out missionaries, we went to the ward's sacrament meeting. I forgot what being in a ward actually felt like and that the sacrament takes longer than 2 minutes. The meeting was incredible. It was for the MLC (mission leader council) and stake presidents in the mission. It was conducted by Elder Meredith (Area authority) who in fact has a brother in Malta, ID!!! Small world right? (Assignment for family members in Malta: He wanted you to tell the Merediths in Malta "Hi" from him via me. I hope that is confusing enough.) I think everyone left with a recommitment to missionary work.
Hitting my year mark is weird. I don't know how to explain it, I really don't. I'll do as tigers do and explain it as "Grrr's:" Grateful, growth, grace, and great. I am very grateful for these experiences, for the blessings that I have been showered with, and for everything I have. A lot of growth in everything including knowledge, relationships, talents, gifts, dedication, etc. And grace = Atonement. Oh how I have come to understand and use the Atonement so much more during this single year than the combination of my 20 prior years. Greatest experience ever! I am so glad I made this decision to come out here. 
This week's theme seems to be faith and the different strengths of it. Especially here in the Bible belt. The different trials with faith in this area:

A. Want to see it to believe it.
B. Faith comes from the culture and trend rather than an actual faith.
C. Having so much faith in what has worked for you in life, that it is hard to experiment in something new.
D. Opposite of B; Does not want to join the mainstream.

I see it all. It actually occurs in one day around here and there seems to be no middle ground. 
And as a matter of fact, faith is my next word for my blog!! So I need some help. WILL YOU answer these questions for me and email or FB message me?:
1.Describe your faith?
2.How do you increase in faith?

That would be marvelous! I love you so so so much. The temple trip made me ever so grateful for my family and my background. 

Love Sister Neener (:

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