Monday, December 30, 2013

Merriest of Christmases

Well folks, it was a pretty good Christmas-y week.
Did I miss our fun Christmas traditions? Yes.
Did I miss having my family around? Like crazy.
Was it worth it? Most definitely!
Christmas Eve was spent with a part member family. They had "pickin's" for their Christmas Ever dinner. "Pickin's" included sandwiches, fresh veggies, potato salad, chips, etc. It was a nice little dinner with wonderful company. Also, I will never look at "Saturday Warriors" the same way again. That fantastic musical was the turning point in the member's conversion story. Who would have ever thought? It must have been line upon line.
Christmas started with a text message right at 6:30 am. I think the investigator was waiting for the moment we woke up to tell us she was engaged! She was thinking diamonds and we were thinking one step closer to baptism!! After that excitement and the normal morning routine. We headed to Annie's house (the home I was skyping at) for Sister Clark to get some family time via skype. We happened to be there for their very delicious Christmas breakfast.
The next portion of the day was spent in studies and opening our presents. Yes, we were both very, very spoiled. Thank you all! I did some damage on Facebook and then we headed to a family's Christmas lunch/dinner. They had casseroles galore. All we need to do is add some water and they would be Mormon. Visits were made to some of the shut-in's and branch members. We went back Annie's house for a talent show (impromptu piano song) and dessert.
Then came the best part: skyping!! I just loved it! Thank goodness for technology. It was great to see everyone (even if it was through multiple screens)! And for everyone I didn't see, know that I love you and miss you!!
It was an eventful Christmas to say the least. Other than that, we had a lot of members come out with us during the week. Let me teach y'all a little equation:

Member present lessons = the best lessons ever
This is why they are encouraging members to jump into missionary work!!! It's because it works!!!!! Those are easily my best lessons. The testimony of members is something that a missionary cannot duplicate. Are you realizing the importance of members? WILL YOU go out with the missionaries at least ONCE in the month of January? And then do it some more. And make it a tradition. Just do it.
Busy, busy week passed. Busy, busy week coming. I'll be making lots of goals this Tuesday evening and please share some of your goals with me! I'm feeling extra ambitious today so I will issue another challenge: WILL YOU allow the Lord to be a part of your goal setting? It is something we do as missionaries and that is when the miracles happen.
I think I best end this before I extend another challenge.
I love you and the Savior loves you. What more can I say?
Loves Sister Neener(:

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