Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Tender Tennessee/Kentucky Christmas

Mummsie has an Amy Grant Christmas cd. I loved listening to it last year because I just found out that I would be going to Tennessee on my mission and one of her songs was called "Tender Tennessee Christmas." My thoughts were exactly as follows, "That's going to be me next year." [Insert game buzzer sound] It will be in Kentucky instead. This is just one instance of where you have a pretty good idea about future plans and then they drastically change.
My Christmas gifts this week:
1. Sister Clark- my new companion!! Fresh out of the MTC, but she is an awesome little missionary. Actually, she's not little at all. She's 5'11" so just a bit taller than me. Her family is currently living in Alpine, Utah, but she was in Japan for 4 years before that. You know how I have like 4-5 different personalities/likes in me? Well, she's the writing/England part of me. Hartford, KY wasn't really in her plans, but she is learning to love it.
2. The branch did a swell Christmas program. They had me be one of the narrators (Hello Rising Stars!!). My favorite part was a 7 yr old named Eli who sang "Away in a Manger." He is my new hero.
3. We set a date!!! Her name is Wendy and she is dating a less active member. She works with a lot of the LDS people in our community so the members have been really helpful with that. The only problem is that she works on Sunday....and she'll need to figure out the whole living situation. Who knows, I might be a part of a Nursing Home wedding again.
4. One of the sisters brought over a Christmas tree to use. There weren't too many decorations so I stuck some pass along cards in there.
5. We were having this awesome discussion about the priesthood when we heard a knock on the door. The man went to go get it and then came back in asking us to leave. Somewhat worried, we walked out the door only to be greeted by a couple of police officers.... Apparently someone brought stolen property into his house. We were teaching a lesson on his neighbor's porch and Sister Clark was pretty sure she saw his silhoutte in the police car.
6. Relief Society had a cookie exchange. YUM.
7. We delivered a number of food baskets. Most of the recipients were nonmembers so, yes, we will only guilt trip a little bit.
So that's that.
It will be my first Christmas with (most likely) no snow, no Christmas movies/traditions, and away from family. Kind of sounds depressing right? Wrong. I am excited for this Christmas!! I get to use the gifts of the Atonement and the Holy Ghost more than ever! I get to forget about myself and visit those who do not have anyone to hug during this time of year! I get to eat multiple Christmas dinners! I get to wake up at 6:30 am (that's like practically sleeping in when it comes to Christmas)! I get to celebrate the Christmas story again and again as I go into people's homes! I get share my favorite scriptures in the Book of Mormon specifically about Jesus Christ! I get to spend Christmas as Jesus Christ would spend His birthday, serving others! That is why I am excited for this Christmas! WILL YOU share your favorite Christmas hymn with someone?
In the words of a brilliant young child with a M&M's candy cane, "God Bless Us, Everyone!"

Love Sister Neener (:

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