Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Happy Halloween

What does a missionary do for Halloween? They chase tornadoes and eat 1/2 priced Halloween candy. (:
We were suppose to come in at 6 o'clock on Halloween, but due to bad weather and a tornado warning the mayor moved Halloween to Friday. First of all, when does the mayor have that much power? Second of all, missionaries still had to go out. They were gracious enough to have us come in a half hour earlier because of the warning. All is well though; there was not a tornado in our area and no trick-or-treater was blown away.
Other events of the week include riding our bikes for the first time, going on an exchange, and going to meetings in Nashville. I'm borrowing a member's bike and it's kind of old aka it can't make it up hills. Luckily our ride was for recreation. On the exchange, I headed down to Russellville, KY. Whilst on the exchange we found out that one investigator drank a liter of vodka (she only weighs 100 lbs) and then preceeded to stab her leg, a less active member had a stroke (and she is only 23!), and an active member had a neighbor's bullet go through her window. Obviously Russellville is more exciting than Hartford.
We received transfer info and......we're both staying!!! Sister Talbert and I were both really relieved when we found that out. Or at least she acted like she was. I am once again called as a Sister Training Leader which translates into even more meetings and exchanges. However, I am grateful for the calling. I love interacting with the other missionaries because let's face it, the Tennessee Nashville Mission is the greatest mission in the world. No bias or anything. The missionaries here are incredible and I learn something from all of them.
One thing you learn on your mission is what you want. What you truly want. Everything from the characteristics of your future spouse to how you want to decorate your home. Something I've been observing a lot lately is traditions. What better time than during the holidays when traditions are abundant? One particular tradition I desire is to be a missionary family. I want the missionaries to constantly be in our home; strengthening my family and having them teach people we have found for them. I want each member of my family to do missionary work in their own unique way. I know I'm saying this as a missionary, but I don't want to be the missionary that returns home and gets caught up in normal life. Yes I will have to do homework, go to class, and work, but I want the missionary spirit to be a part of me forever. How can you bring the missionary spirit into your life? WILL YOU send me your ideas?
Sure do love you! (Another good tradition)
Love,Sister Neener (:

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