Monday, November 11, 2013


You'll be happy to know that I'm using the Lord's time wisely by playing bingo. Well, it was more like calling out the letters so that others could play bingo and bring happiness (and candy) to their life. A couple of weeks ago Sister Talbert and I volunteered our services at the Senior Citizen center. They requested our services for bingo in a couple of weeks and I relinquished the not-so-known fact that one of Sister Johnson's goals for her mission was to call out for bingo. I'm an ambitious one aren't I? Well, the day of my dreams came and we had a grand old time (no pun intended). I also learned that there is so much more to bingo that meets the eye.
Let me add on to my rebellious missionary streak by admitting that I was stopped by a cop.
I'll just let that sit there for a moment while I tell you some other stories:
1. A really sweet, elderly gentleman made us dinner one time. It consisted of two slices of bread, cold hot dogs, and a lot of mustard. You truly learn how to stomach things as a missionary.
2. Out west we have bunny-bashing. Down south they have possum-kickin'.
3. Apparently road blocks are common in KY where the police stop cars going both ways and check for licenses and seat belts. The cop was really confused when he saw my license from Idaho.
And that was my eventful, not so spiritual part of the week.
We're meeting a lot of people, doing service, and being glorified visiting teachers. I get down on myself a lot because I already had a few baptisms in Tullahoma by my 7th week and here we haven't really had that experience. I have come to learn that every area is different and every branch/ward is different as well. I have learned so much in this area and feel blessed to be laboring in this portion of the Lord's vineyard. People are changing and softening and miracles will happen- I just have to have that patience and faith.
There are a couple of youth we are working with and they remind me a lot of Kayla. That, of course, gets me excited because these youth are so strong! They are going to be future missionaries and no, they may not or will grow up with seminary or weekly Family Nights, but they have a the character of a representative of Christ. The knowledge will come.

Thinking back on my youth (because it was only yesterday) I am filled with gratitude for those who have had that positive influence on me. The youth need encouragement and support. WILL YOU identify one youth that Heavenly Father has put in your path and encourage, compliment, support them? They are, after all, our future leaders.
Well, I sure do love y'all!
Have a good week and pray to have a missionary experience of your own!
Love, Sister Neener(:

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