Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Missionary Work

Missionary work is:
-Different in every area
-Shopping at Walmart at 8 o'clock for a family in need
-Getting free meals
-Sputtering out all the Spanish phrases you know and getting a blank look in return
-Meeting professional jockeys
-Playing softball with a volleyball and ending with Joseph Smith
-Not caring that you have 2 dinners in one evening
-Having people trim your comp's bangs at the spur of the moment
-Playing piano, praying, teaching a lesson all on the same Sunday
-Running out of miles and food at the end of the month
-Being a mom to the elders
-Marriage bootcamp

-Changing lives (your own and others)
-Falling in love with the scriptures
-Learning how to recognize the Spirit
-Having the courage to act on those promptings
-Enduring those really hard days
-Being exactly obedient
-Inviting others to come unto Christ

And that's that.
I am very humbled by how this is so much bigger than me or anything I do. This is truly His  WORK AND GLORY. And it is incredible.
WILL YOU do missionary work?
Sure do love you,
Sister Neener (:

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