Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Zone pday

Well, it's been another week of good ole missionary fun!
After an incredibly revelatory zone meeting, we were able to get to know the other missionaries in the zone with a zone pday. It consisted of all sorts of game including "Squeegie" (sp?). President and Sister Andersen also came down for the meeting and a portion of the pday. Seeing your mission president in basketball shorts is one thing, but seeing him become competitive is another. On the way home, the Elders forgot to fill up with gas. Here's another testimony that the Lord blesses His missionaries: we drove 6+ miles on empty. You know how angels helped the pioneers by pushing their handcarts? Well that night they pushed our car.
I guess you could call me the festival queen because I worked another one this weekend. Ironically it was called the Tobacco festival. Unfortunately we forgot to bring our Word of Wisdom pamphlets. We had all the missionaries in the district, but opposition was really heavy there. Opposition seems to grow with each festival I do. It is like Satan is catching onto our plan. However, we are able to find and focus on the elect now! I love the ways our Heavenly Father works.
Opening an area can be frustrating especially after you leave an area where you have to prioritze people. However, I am very grateful for this opportunity to be here. It is truly a good area. The Lord is blessing us with some amazing potentials and the members here are so willing to help and find people to teach.
The biggest problem here in the South, is that people are "happy where they are at." First, there are so many wonderful people who say that on the surface, but as we talk about the gospel, they admit their doubts and concerns. Don't ever settle. Second, of course people are happy with where they are at! That is one of Satan's cunning devices. The only way we can coast, is downhill. Even Latter-day saints can fall into the trap.
Let us not be one of those.
WILL YOU set a goal right here, right now to do something that will push you? Not only will the Lord help you, but He will hold you accountable.
"The gospel comforts the afflicted and afflicts the comfortable." -William McKee
Sure do love you!
Love, Sister Neener (:

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