Monday, October 21, 2013


Fall has arrived here in Kentucky and it is gorgeous! The leaves are so colorful and make a fantastic crunchy noise as we tract around in Hartford. To celebrate the season, Hartford has a Harvest Festival so the morning of it, our ward mission leader called to let us know he got a booth for us. We already had a service project going on that day so we knew we would be in for a busy day. Our service project was moving food storage for a member into their new house. After a lot of squatting and lifting, we scrambled to put a booth together. You can find pictures of our very humble booth on Facebook. However humble it may have been, we were able to draw in some of the elect here in Ohio County. We actually found a less active man whose records were somewhere else in Kentucky. Many of the people who filled out the survey actually had talked to missionaries many years ago. It is incredible how the Lord blesses our finding efforts. The next day was pretty chilly (as in Rexburg-chilly), nevertheless we braved the cold along with some other individuals.
So that was our weekend happenings. We went out with some of the sisters on their visiting teaching routes which included a lot of driving. Despite their prettiness, I kind of loathe the hilly roads. I don't think I could ever outdrive my motion sickness. On the plus side, I've decided to be more creative with my morning exercises and I started dancing to our approved and limited music library. You better bet I have a dance for "Line Upon Line." And on the plus, plus side, I've been called as a blogging missionary!!! Mission dream come true. I'm still working on it, but look for the link on Facebook sometime this week!
Welp, that's pretty much my exciting news. My stress levels for finding new investigators has been pretty high, but Heavenly Father is placing people in our paths. Our finding efforts have had divine aid and it is very humbling to see that this is truly the Lord's work. Lately I've been studying on conversion and with that, I've been observing people's level of conversion. One major indication of true conversion is a person's gratitude. Although Thanksgiving is next month, it is always important to give thanks to our Lord. WILL YOU thank Heavenly Father for a trial you have had recently? As you come to the point where you LOVE TRIALS, you will see blessings added to your life.
Sure do love you!
Love Sister Neener (:

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