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Subject: Bluegrass, Etc.
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Hello Family!
I am just in love with life! I've tried to imagine what I would be doing if I weren't serving a mission at this time and I cannot think of anything. Being a missionary is an experience like none other and such a preparation for life. I think I would've ruined my future children if I had not come on a mission. And my future hubby better say thank you to all my companions who have shaped me into a better person.
Now that that is over, I have a short p-day today because we are having a zone pday later on this week. More about the adventure, next week. So I apologize for not personally responding to this week's emails, but know that I love and cherish every word that comes my way.
Highlights of the week:
1. GENERAL CONFERENCE!!! I loved it and I am anxiously waiting to receive the Ensign so that I can study their words more earnestly. Some of my favorite talks were Elder's Christofferson's about women, Elder Ballard's on member missionary work, and a member of the Sunday School presidency's about teaching. Usually missionaries would go to the ward bldg to watch the sessions, but since our's didn't have that, we bugged the members.
a. The Bryants (awesome, awesome couple on fire with missionary work)
b. Sister Doolin (the RS president. Sweet, sweet lady who made us delicious chili)
c. Canty Jr. Family (He owns the DQ in town so he gave us coupons for it. Also, the south experienced interference from the sun so we missed the first half of Pres. Monson's address. I didn't even know sun interference was an actual thing)
d. Sister Lindsey (80 yr old woman who collects pandas and everything tin. She also thinks that the internet is the anti-Christ. Don't tell her I'm a FB missionary).
2. We volunteered at a bluegrass festival. Did you know that this is the home of bluegrass music? Two years ago I would have absolutely loathed it if I had to listen to that music, but know I quite enjoy it and want to learn how to play the banjo or the mandolin. Perfect example of how people can change.
I am now out of time so I'll make up with a super good email next week!
Sister Neener (:

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