Monday, August 5, 2013

Sugared Out

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Sister Johnson who inherited a sweet tooth that could never be satisfied. One Christmas season this little girl was shopping with her Mummsie at the grocery store and protested at the amount of sugar that was going into the cart. The Mummsie was shocked for Sister Johnson has never commented that there was too much sugar. That didn't last long and her sweet tooth came back in full force.
Until this week.

It happened to be my fabulous companion's birthday so I took it upon myself to tell EVERYONE that it was her birthday. My reasoning: more cake for me. I got exactly what I asked for and I am a little sugared out. 

For the time being.

Now onto the spiritual candy. We had our first interviews with President Andersen and his wife this week. I love them already. They will be the perfect mission dad and mom and great things are going to happen in the Tennessee Nashville Mission under their care. 

We set another date! His name is Corey and he is just eating up the Book of Mormon. Let's just say he once was a Chicago gangster and now he is asking about serving a mission. This will definitely be a different experience preparing him for baptism than any other.

Another investigator who is pretty close is named Jane. She has the most peaceful home ever and I feel like I've just gotten done with a yoga class after we visit her (sweat and all because I'm in Tennessee). She is an incredibly spiritual person and last time she informed me that I had an orange aura around me. It is a combination of red (animation) and yellow (intellect). Whatever that means.

As I was waiting for my papers I confessed that I would love to go somewhere where my piano skills could be used. And then I got called to Music Capital of the world. Who woulda thunk that I would have to whip out my rusty piano fingers for sacrament meeting? 
Well, I did. 
And it was really last minute.
And I don't do last minute.
However, our chorister was super nice and said, "Just do your best and as long as you are playing every third note, I have a really loud voice and can carry the rest."
Burden lifted.

This reminds me of another person who tells us we are saved "after all we can do." (2 Nephi 25:23) We just have to do our best and Christ will take care of the rest. Never has the knowledge given me more comfort than it has as a missionary. The wonderful thing is that it can apply to everything. WILL YOU allow the Savior to take care of something for you this week? Please let me know how it goes and give me pointers of how to delegate.

Welp, everything is just fantastic down here! I can't believe it is the close of another transfer!

Love y'all!

Love Sister Neener (:

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