Monday, July 29, 2013

Poetry, Tennis, Revenge, Sharing

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Christ's gospel is restored
And the Book of Mormon is true!

I thought I might send some enlightening poetry your way. I've gotten to the point where I leave poems on people's doors. I'm hoping the creativity might be a good enough incentive to text or call us back. So far the success rate is at a 20%. The one who replied is also an English major so I don't know how that factors in. 

But what I have been blessed with what I call creative powers and what others call weird. We will settle for strange power (shout out to you-know-who!). The other day we were teaching Kayla the new member lessons which is basically reteaching all of the lesson before baptism. We had Christy there who is also another recent convert. And then there is Sister Allred and I who have heard/taught the Restoration lesson a gazillion times. So we resorted to charades. My point with all of this is that we have been given certain talents, gifts, and experiences for the benefit of others. My commitment is coming early in the email, but WILL YOU identify a gift, talent, or experience and use it to bless someone else. This can be as simple as bearing your testimony and will bless not only the person you are serving, but you yourself.

Anywho, back to missionary life. It is the end of the month which equals not too many miles left on the car. That in turn equals to a lot of walking which equals being wet all day. Hugs all around! I never complain because that means my body is functioning and I'm working hard. Or maybe it just means it is really humid, but either way. 

This Saturday we had a ward shindig in honor of Pioneer Day (I guess it's not just a Utah thing). Everything was going well until my companion brought out the water balloons. I was able to stay dry by standing next to food or old people. However, being the instigator, my comp was soaked. And then pulls up the mission president. Awesome. And it was while I was talking to the mission president's wife, of course, that two water balloons got me. Ironically it was two of my recent converts. I guess when you dunk someone, they get you back. 

All in all, a great week. We had district meeting at the seminary teacher's home. After gorging ourselves, our payment was coloring pictures. Who knew that coloring in the lines was a requirement for a missionary? They have year round school so they are already starting a new year this week. I'm the only nerdy person who wishes my school would've started this early. We also are starting a YSA FHE group. Their first activity was tennis. I acted all humble like I didn't know what I was doing and then....proved myself right. But I still love (no pun intended) it.

And I love you.

Love Sister Neener (:

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