Monday, July 22, 2013

Slug Slime and Berry Picking

Hello Western Amigos!

It is another great week at Tullahoma. (Ten points to whomever can guess what I'm referencing to when I say that.) But really, good things are happening here. A lot of lessons were taught (the most I have ever done in a week) and we have been blessed with positive responses to the church. However, we have had a lot of positive response from the bugs around here as well. Our legs our covered with their nasty little bites. Last night a slug crawled onto my shoe. After we discovered the intruder and promptly flushed him down the toilet, I cringed at the residue left behind. If you didn't know this, slugs are gross. 

Blackberries are the opposite. They are delicious. Especially when you sneak them in between pickings. One of our recent converts took us out berry picking, which turned out to be a perfect background for a lesson on Jacob 5 and missionary work. Teaching the gospel in a southern setting is a beautiful thing.

Speaking of food, we had a couple of experiences this week where our stomachs led us to the people we needed to see. The Lord works in mysterious ways. One example was when I was inspired to invite a less active and her nonmember friends to a baptism service going on at the church. They seemed to be the most unlikely group, but we invited them nonetheless. Come Saturday and the two nonmember friends actually came to the baptism!!! It reminds me of a scripture I read this week when Nephi "had joy and great hopes of [Laman and Lemuel], that they would walk in the paths of righteousness (1 Nephi 16:5)." As a missionary I catch myself thinking that a certain person would not listen to our message or that a family will not come to church. No, Sister Johnson no! We must have faith in others. 

Their is a term called the vocabulary of faith where we say "when you receive your answer" and not "if you receive your answer." It is incredible the difference when the first is used rather than the latter. Our thoughts and words direct our actions so why not smother our thoughts and words in faith? WILL YOU incorporate the vocabulary of faith? 

We realized that all the missionaries in our district this transfer are from Utah....except for me. We won't hold that against them. But I would like to introduce them to you because we have quite the myriad of missionaries:

1. Sister Allred- My companion. She knows karate and she could instruct R.A.D. classes. She use to be a gamer and is OBSESSED with dogs even though she is allergic to them. 
2. Elder Sannar- District Leader. He knows Japanese, speaks in a narrative voice whenever he reads the scriptures, knows a lot of card tricks, and likes to make cookies.

3. Elder Sandlin- His companion. Their names may be similar, but they are opposite. He played football for BYU one semester before he came out. He is worried about losing all of his muscle.

4. Hermana Smith- She is one of the original Tullahomies (Tullahomies refers to the missionaries serving in the Tullahoma ward). We came into the ward at the same time. She is a scriptorian, English major, and bought the exact same shirt and skirt in different colors to make up her missionary wardrobe. That was a smart idea.

5. Hermana Garlitz- Her companion. She has the most incredible, curly, volumptious hair. She attended BYU-I before she came and wants to teach Social Studies. She is very trendy.
6. Me. 

Well, I hope everyone has a most fantastic week! 

I love y'all!

Love Sister Neener (:

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