Monday, July 15, 2013

Another Great Week in the Tennessee Nashville Mission

Well folks, it was another great week in the Tennessee Nashville Mission.

Monday- We found a civil war cemetery where there was once more than 400 unknown Confederate soldiers buried. And then we did a perfectly non-American thing by getting gelato at the Celtic Cup. (Yes I am still beyond obsessed with everything about the UK)

Tuesday- A less active showed us how to make alpaca tea. You take little pellets that come out of an alpaca, throw it in a bucket, top it off with some rain water, and watch the alpaca tea come to life. Apparently it makes wonderful fertilizer. 

Wednesday- We met Sister and President Andersen! I am so excited to have them here in the mission and to see the miracles that come from them being here. And they have a great sense of humor so I know we are going to get along just fabulously.

Thursday- We visited a referral named Crystal. She moved to Tullahoma from New York (big adjustment) about 3 years ago, but she still talks as fast as a New Yorker. I LOVED it. I think one of  reasons I was sent to Tennessee was to learn how to slow down. Still learning.

Friday- Miss Kayla Perry was baptized! It was a Spirit-strong service and I had to pull off a last minute piano solo. But other than that, it was beautiful. I'm telling you, when you save a girl, you save generations and this girl is saving A LOT of generations. I just love her.

Saturday- We helped someone set up a yard sale, we found a lawyer for a less active, we taught a lesson at a baby shower, we talked about the temple with recent converts. Just the usual missionary activity.

Sunday- Kayla was confirmed and her less active grandma and aunt are now coming back! Also we searched all over this town called Lynchburg to find some less actives who either avoided us or moved to Las Vegas. 

I could not see myself doing anything else at this time. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY. I love it all, even the down days. And I do it because I love the Savior. It was not easy for Him and so why should it be easy for any of us?  It is beautiful to witness someone using the Atonement.

We have been working a lot with recent converts so my commitment for y'all is to do your duty in helping them. WILL YOU contact a recent convert via mail, internet, phone, or face-to-face and let them know that you care or your testimony? Anything really would do, but just make sure they know you are there!

I love y'all and please keep praying for Tullahoma! Believe me, Heavenly Father is answering those prayers!

Love Sister Neener (:

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