Monday, June 24, 2013


Excuse me for any typos because the sweat is making the keys stick.
I hope that was a vivid enough description for you. I am truly getting acquainted with that wonderful thing we call humidity. Some facts I have proven to be true:
1. My hair can in fact get frizzier
2. The clothes I thought were lightweight are not
3. No matter how much water I drink it doesn't seem to suffice
I wish I could say I'm exaggerating. But enough of my whining, complaining, and murmuring. Let me tell you about some of the miracles that are happening in my neck of the woods.
First off we had 11 investigators at church yesterday!!! When I first arrived in Tullahoma there was only us 6 missionaries and a couple of recent converts in the investigators class. Yesterday, we could barely fit everyone inside the YW's room.
We were double booked after church so we requested the Hermanas (spanish-speaking sisters) in our ward to do some splits. One went with Sis. Allred to help someone move. There they found someone they could not get a hold of in their area. The other one went with me and lo and behold, half of the investigators at the appointment spoke Spanish. We basically had two lessons going on at the same time.
One of the less actives did not want Sis. Tenny and I visiting her when we first arrived here. So we just dropped in the other day and set up a return appointment. When we went, she told us how two of her kids started to believe in God ever since our visit. She is definitely wanting the sister missionaries over now.
The couple we have been working with are still not married or baptized, but it is happening this week! They are so prepared and willing to do what it takes to do it right.
I hit my highest record of total lessons taught this week and we are exhausted everytime we come home to our apartment. We are busy, busy missionaries and it is only going to get busier during this week. It is the last week of the transfer so next email I'll let you know whether I'm staying or going.
In honor of our beloved prophet's martyrdom that occured this week, WILL YOU read the testimony of Joseph Smith located in the front of the BOM or watch the Restoration video? (I'll have that video memorized by the time I'm done with this mission.) Reflect on how that simple prayer offered by a simple boy has changed your life.
I love y'all and thank ya for all the love and support. I can feel your prayers and ask that you please pray for the people of Tullahoma.
Love ya!
Much love from Sister Neener (:

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