Sunday, June 23, 2013

Opposition in All Things

CRAZIEST weekend ever as a missionary. Probably more crazy than the weekend in Winchester where I had to survive the epic hailstorm. This weekend circles around this little word called opposition. We have been working with this awesome couple all fired up about the gospel. They are engaged and so we've been working on the whole marriage thing with them. They were suppose to be getting baptized this last Saturday, but all through the week things kept popping up and we were not able to get a hold of them. Finally on Friday we called, text, and called again trying to get a hold of them. They hadn't been married yet so we were going to pull a marriage and baptism off in one day. And this is where it got crazy: calls into work, courthouse hours, not enough money, family emergencies, sickness, everyone else's schedule, etc. Can you say one stressed out little sister missionary?
Anywho, because of scheduling and complications, they will be married, baptized, and confirmed tonight in one little ceremony. It should be quite evening, but if this is what the Lord wants, then I am all for serving Him in whatever way He desires. Just send a lot of prayers this way.

I think this whole ordeal is for me to learn some lessons more than anything. "Seriously Harry, these [investigators] are going to kill me." (10 points for whoever can name that movie!) I am ever amazed at how much growth there is for me as a missionary. However, it is not discouraging at all. Potential is an exciting thing, especially when I look at the people in this area. They want a stake here and I can completely see it. We are really big into visions here and we recited the "Vision of the South" everyday. An excerpt:

"One day the South will baptize more people into the church than all other English-speaking missions in the world together."

It is going to happen.

Other than the drama of this weekend, I was a part of a companion exchange for a couple of days. Sister Tenny and I were reunited and what a reunion. Love that girl and she is an incredible missionary. Going through an experience such as opening an area and both of us still in training will bond two missionaries like nothing else. Sister Tenny is in Winchester so I went down there and had a ball like I always do when I'm in that area. I'm telling you, don't be surprised if Winchester, TN is mentioned in General Conference.

All in all, my brain is fried.

WILL YOU share your favorite scripture with someone this week?

Blessings my friends, blessings.

Love y'all!


Sister Neener (:

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