Monday, June 10, 2013

Immortal Work Done By Mortal Beings

Hola mis amigos y familia!

Soy muy fantastico! Hago muy trabajar en Tullahoma.

Ok I'll stop and I apologize to any espanol speakers who had to suffer through that. Whew! The Lord has worked me this week and I absolutely loved it. I may have avoided any kind of farm work growing up, but I still have hard work running through my veins. Lots of work = happy Sister Johnson. 

The little kid in me came out this week. First, we went to a town called Lynchburg where they have general Moon Pie store. If you haven't had a Moon Pie, get one now. Unless that's my 5 year old taste buds talking. They had a t-shirt that said, "I got mooned in Lynchburg." Janeen would have bought it. Sister Johnson had to resist. Also lightning bugs are all over the place. If you drive past an open field filled with them, it feels like you're in Star Wars. On Saturday we helped the ward put on a Mini MTC for the Primary kids. I was in charge of being the dog that chased the young missionaries around. Welcome to my life as a missionary.

We had another zone meeting in the oldest LDS bldg in the South. What made it awesome- thunder and lightning the whole time. Maybe the heavens were trying to tell us something.
My favorite stories of the week:

1. We've been working with this couple who is absolutely amazing. They committed to be baptized after we taught them for the first time. Talk about being prepared. The only problem, they were not married yet. We whipped out the big guns (TEMPLE) and they said they would have the final decision the next night. We go over there and....they committed to getting married!!!! Woohoo!!!!

2. The couple mentioned above have a sister whom we have met a couple of times briefly. As we were talking about their upcoming baptism, the sister was asking about the process of getting baptized. When we mentioned an interview she asked, "How can I schedule one of those?" In the conversation following she basically asked if she could be baptized. 

3. We met this awesome guy named Adam. He is essentially a Messianic Jew and has the Old Testament down like no one else I have met. It has been some interesting couple of meetings with him. Mostly we run into people who are having issues with living the letter of the law. For him, it is the opposite where he needs to find that balance with the Spirit of the law. 

Here comes the beauty pageant solution to the world, but as I am working with the people here, I realize the need for love. Everyone needs it and that is all there is to it. WILL YOU follow the Savior's example of charity and go visit someone face to face? I am becoming more familiar in being an instrument for the Lord in teaching others, but this week I was blessed to be an instrument for love. There is no feeling like it.

I love you all!

Love Sister Neener (:

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