Monday, June 3, 2013

Baptism by Boiling Water

It has been quite the week once again. As a missionary, you have to start worrying when things seem comfortable because that is when something happens. For example, your companion receives her visa to Denmark and leaves soon after. That is right, my firstborn, Sister Pearson, has flown the coop all the way to Denmark and they had to do an emergency transfer. My new companion is Sister Allred from Lehi, UT. She has been out one transfer ahead of me and I just love her. She has had what I considered a normal missionary experience* thus far and it has been great to have that in the area. I call her the conservative and consider myself to be the liberal.
*Normal missionary experience: Being trained for 12 weeks by someone who has been out for more than half their mission. Being a junior companion for another.

Other than switching companions, my week has consisted of feeding an alpaca, attempting to punch a punching bag, and having a member randomly drop off an uncooked steak dinner. Also, I almost died yesterday. Here's the equation of my near death: You add 2 smokers on each side of me + 1 VERY sick investigator + 4:00 on a Fast Sunday + Tennessee's humidity and put that all together in a tiny cramped trailer. What does that equal?  An almost passed out missionary. 

However, I have proven that I am made of pioneer bone. We are the designated font fillers because we live closest to the church. Well they kind of forgot to fix the hot water heater and so come Saturday, the water is shy of ice cold. One of the best qualities of sister missionaries is innovation so we quickly blasted heat into the room and then proceeded to boil lots and lots of water. Pot after pot was dumped into the font as the temperature went from shy of ice cold to lukecool. That's how you fill a font.

Sometimes I wish I were back in the days of memorizing the missionary discussions, but Preach My Gospel is truly the Lord's way. As I have been out here, I have taken courage in creativity and have even embraced it. Member missionaries need to approach missionary work in the same way. An added bonus, you don't have the Missionary Handbook holding you back! 

WILL YOU think of a way to use the missionaries in your ward? 

All I'm asking you is to stop right now, think of an idea, and then right it down. If an idea is not forming, then pray about it.

Some ideas:
-Take them visiting/home teaching with you. 
-If you are in charge of an organization in the church, have them come do an activity.
-Feed them and then have them help you create a Family Mission Plan.
-Have them teach your soon-to-be-eight-year old the lessons. 
-Let them practice teaching the lessons on you.
Let me know some of your ideas!

Love you all and always pray!

Love Sister Neener (: 

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