Monday, April 29, 2013

The Hills of Tennessee are Alive With the Sound of Music

Good day!
Music is the theme for this particular week as a missionary:
1. We went to a member's home and they have a music room including a keyboard, banjos, guitars, violins, mandolins, strum sticks, and a drum set. Yes, that is right, a drum set. They invited us to jam missionary style so I think you know where I went. Sis. Tenny started to play the popular arrangement of "I Know That My Redeemer Lives" and I just embellished it with a few bangs of the bass drum, a couple taps from the snare, and a few elegant smashings of the cymbal.
2. We went with an investigator to a fireside of sorts, Baptist style aka the Spirit wasn't there and Mummsie would have received a headache. Ok, that was a little harsh. The youth minister did have a lot of neat points and was very passionate about the Bible. The funny thing about some people here are that they are trying so hard to prove us wrong and point out the differences, they just don't realize how much we actually have in common. But the program was neat to attend and they sang some great Christian music including "Come Thou Font" which is everyone's favorite, right?
3. The best musical event of all, The Nashville Tribute Band!!!! Yes we were so blessed to attend their musical fireside. My favorite part was when they invited all the missionaries to come up and sing a song from their "The Work" soundtrack, which is a tribute to the missionaries. I think the song is called "I Was Born" so check it out on Youtube! It actually starts out with a shoutout to Idaho! Woot, woot! Also, if anyone happens to have their other soundtracks, "Joseph" and "The Trek" that they would like to send my way, I wouldn't complain. Neither would my companion.
4. And those good old southern storms have been making all sorts of noises. This Idaho girl has never seen so much rain in her life! One night, Sis. Pearson and I were walking home in the rain. Like a scene from a movie, a couple of cars drove through a puddle and completely immersed us in rain and water. Unlike a scene from a movie, we weren't having a bad day so we were able to laugh about it and proceeded to take pictures of our unexpected bath.
There are so many stories that come from being a missionary. Between emails, letters, and journals, I'm only able to encapture a select few. If there is one things these Southerners like, it is their stories. They can talk, talk, and talk. They also strategically take their breaths in the middle of the story rather than the end so that we can never add our input. Don't worry, they trained us so Joseph Smith always ends up in the conversation somewhere.
They also train us to be good listeners. Not only are we listening to those we meet, we are listening to the Spirit. The Spirit is absolutely essential to us as disciples of Christ so that we can be instruments in the Lord's hands. One thing I have struggled with (along with every other missionary and member) is knowing when it is the Spirit speaking. Just remember, every good thing comes from God.
Will you follow the example of Jesus Christ by listening for the Spirit more in your life?
Let me know how your experience goes!
I love you all and I have no idea who reads my emails or blogs, but thank you for taking the time and please pray for the people here in Tullahoma.
Sending some banjo-plucking love your way!
Love Sister Neener (:

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