Sunday, April 28, 2013

If you don't like it, lump it.....

The title of this email is brought to you by the fine ladies of Tullahoma. One of them even added "...and mash them potatuhs again." They say you have to be different to love and live in Tullahoma. I agree.
Little miracles are happening here every single day. Sister Tenny and I stress out all the time, debating on how we will split the area between the two of us and our little visa waiters. We have been alternating teaching with a few investigators and less actives because we just don't want to give them up to the others.
Training is going great for both Sis. Pearson and I. I say both because technically I'm still in the 12 month training program. However, I think I'll be in training for my whole mission.
Scratch that.
I'll be in training my whole life.
Also we are still sleeping on mats in the living room.
That my friends is missionary work.
Another part of missionary work is finding people. Because of the split, we've been dropping lots of BOMs (Books of Mormon). There is power in the BOM! We need to read it, study it, love it, share it, apply it, utilize it, and "flood the earth with it." (Pres. Benson talks about flooding the earth with the BOM a lot). As an English major, I study books and what qualifies a good book. So what qualifies the BOM?
It is written FOR US. Not for the Nephites. Not for the Lamanites. FOR US.
It can apply to ANYTHING.
It is evidence you can hold in your hands to obtain the fullness of the gospel.
It comforts, strengthens, brings happiness.
It is a "How to" book for any situation in life.
It is how Heavenly Father answers our questions.
It is true.
So I may or may not be obsessed with this book and I invite you to follow along. WILL YOU drop a BOM?
How to drop a BOM:
1. Obtain a copy from your Bishop, missionaries, or church website.*
2. Pray for guidance.
3. Make a list of people or places where you can drop the BOM.
4. Pray again for even more specific guidance.
5. Make plans to drop it and personalize it by adding your testimony.
6. Drop it.
*I think you can even order one on the internet and send it to their address.
I know it seems very intimidating, but it can be done! It can be as simple as, "You are going to love this book," or "Here is a gift for you."
Families and friends, if you have the desire to do it, the Lord will provide a way. I ask you to please, please, please prayerfully take this challenge. Blessings will come and miracles will happen. If YOU say it can be done, it can be done!
Sending some BOM love your way,
Sister Neener (:
PS So the whole Boston marathon tragedy kind of got to me. Thank goodness we don't have access to the internet or TV out here or else I think it would have affected me a lot more. Although Boston qualification will probably never be in my running career, I could have seen myself being there as a supporter or volunteer. It broke my heart and I thank Heavenly Father everyday for my knowledge of the Gospel and my testimony. 

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