Monday, April 8, 2013


Hello to one and all!
Some great stuff happening this week one of them being, of course, General Conference!
Top 10 reasons why I loved this G.C.:
1. 65,634 missionaries!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2. "There are few things more powerful than a righteous mother's prayer" (Thanks Mummsie!)
3. Sister Dalton and her awesomeness as a YW president and marathoner (Did I ever tell you about the time she peeled a potato during devotional at BYU-I?)
4. Henry B. Eyring's talk (It brought out the waterworks in me)
5. An Idaho Farm Boy (Who lived near Burley!!)
6. "Catch the Wave" (Oh, it's been caught)
7. Painting the missionary name tag on your heart
8. Happiness, peace, prosperity, progress- ALL of it depends on the "O" word. (Obedience)
9. Speakers quoting Oklahoma and Les Mis
10. Do all you can to redeem others
I just loved it. Every second of it.
We had interviews with President McKee this week and training by his assistants. President is a wonderful man and you should check out his blog if you haven't yet. AMAZING.
In Tennessee news, I now know what they mean when they say "the sticks," we saw a dead possum on the road, and Moon Pies, which originated from Chattanooga, TN, are utterly delicious.
And transfers are tomorrow. Which means this week our district was playing the "who is going to be transferred game." My bets were on staying with S. Tenny and finishing my training in Tullahoma especially since Pres. mentioned that in our interviews. Friday night came and the assistants called, asking if there was room to fit in another companionship. We assured them that there would be after some rearranging and creative innovating of the furniture.
After that stressful phone call we awaited all Saturday for a phone call to see what surprises we would have in the next transfer. Of course, the anticipation only grew because they had to work around the G.C. sessions. At 10:28 we received a call from Pres. saying that a fresh new wave of missionaries are coming in including visa waiters. And guess who is training one of those visa waiters?
This girl.
Let's be honest here, I only arrived off the plane last transfers, I am still super awkward in teaching, and I really don't know what I am doing. And I am to be training??
I have no idea what the Lord has in store for S. Tenny and I as we embrace this new challenge of training AND sharing Tullahoma.
My commitment for you this week is to pray for me......oh and APPLY G.C. to your life.
Welp, here's to the adventure we call missionary work!
Lots of butter-smothered love your way,
Sister Neener (:

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