Friday, December 13, 2013

Ice and Snow

This week we met two new investigators: Ice and Snow. We really like Snow because she brings in the Christmas Spirit and gives us fresh perspective of the world. However, Ice always has to be with Snow. She is really pretty, but is everywhere! She also makes driving and walking an adventure.
This week we saw Kentucky at its finest as all the grocery stores quickly ran out of bread and milk. Everyone was preparing for the storm and telling us off for being out in this kind of weather. Yes, it was a bit slippy, but it held nothing to a Malta snow/wind storm. A few ward members thought I was just being cocky because I was from Idaho, but if you know me you know that I drive like a grandma when it comes to winter driving. The crazy thing was that it got really warm the day before. Warm as in we were using the AC. I guess it does that in Idaho too so I shouldn't be too surprised.
Other notable events of the week included a meeting in Nashville and an exchange in Hopkinsville. The meeting was the regular Spirit-driven with powerhouse missionaries everywhere. The exchange was also Spirit-filled and included powerhouse missionaries. The only exception was that it was all in Spanish. And we know how fluent I am in Spanish.... The Hermana I was with had me read (aka butcher) a paragraph in a Spanish pamplet and then they had me lead the hymn for their Spanish FHE group. It was an adventure and I truly admire all the missionaries who learn another language. 
What's been really neat this week is my online work. The gospel is going forth to all nations, kindreds, and tongues....through Facebook! If you told me 3 years ago that I would be teaching the gospel to people on Facebook, I would have retorted, "Yeah and I'll probably be able to pet a deer too." And look what happened?! The Spirit does not have any limitations to his travel. I've seen it. I've felt the Spirit as I type my testimony to those in the online world. And this isn't just limited to those approved Facebook missionaries! A little treasure shared by the Mummsie: We don't need a missionary badge, we need a missionary heart. So this week's challenge comes in two parts: WILL YOU 1. Share your testimony on Facebook whether it be to all your friends or just one friend and 2. Send me a friend suggestion of someone you know on Facebook so that they can partake for those same blessings of the gospel? Let us show the world that much good can come from technology. The Lord has blessed us with these tools!
Love y'all and be safe in during this wintery season!
Love, Sister Neener (:

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