Monday, December 2, 2013

Chicken, Turkey and Deer, Oh My!

Busy, busy week for me. I'm going to have to do an old fashioned day by day breakdown for y'all:
Monday- They encourage us to do some cultural activities. So what culture does Hartford, KY have? So we decided that we really needed to eat at KFC while in Kentucky because that only makes sense. Then we headed up to Rosine to visit the homestead of Bill Monroe (the father of bluegrass music). 2  years ago, I would have cried that we were wasting precious p-day time. Now, I accept it. Proof that God can change people!
Tuesday- Sister Talbert started throwing up during morning exercises (and no, it wasn't because I was dancing to "Line Upon Line"). I was able to go on a few exchanges with the ward members and then I organized the apartment. I even made Sister Talbert go through the area book despite her sickness. I will make a great mom.
Wednesday- Interviews with the president! I didn't pass so I'll see y'all on Wednesday......just kidding! It was wonderful and I totally trumped everyone at the scripture and Preach My Gospel relay. Thank you seminary for teaching me all the tricks to the trade. That night we went to an investigator's home. What started out as a conversation about family history, quickly turned into a discussion on selective breeding in Africa. Mom and Dad, I'm asking you to design a series of tests for all of my future prospects. Just some ideas- in Africa they kill a lion. So something to that effect.
Thursday- THANKSGIVING! More on that below.
Friday- Nothing too exciting except for our 3 hour long planning session.
Saturday- We served an investigator by helping her with her Christmas decorations. Tis the season!
Sunday- We served another investigator by assembling deer for their yard. Missionary life is full of new experiences. And we filled almost all of the pews! That would be a thanks to all of the member's kids who came home for the holiday.
Monday- I finally got my hair trimmed after 9 months. Some things just aren't as important.
So, for Thanksgiving we went to 4 different homes to eat. Yep, four. At one house they were playing the Macey Day Parade on the tv and I heard "Last Christmas." Flashback to when JC was on a mission. Anywho, I enjoyed observing the different families:
Family 1- Quiet, ate in different rooms, and wanted us to bless the food since they didn't really know how.
Family 2- Loud, friendly, and big. They really know how to welcome you in.
Family 3- Great and spacious building kind of talk going down in that house. Typical American family.
Family 4- The only members we ate with. Spirit there and fun to be had.
It was incredible to see the difference with each of them especially when compared to the member's home. We are truly a peculiar people and for the better. I have always had a vague idea of what I want my future family to be like, but the mission is teaching me what I really want. Just like they taught us in YW's, we have to make the commitment now to what we want in a future home. WILL YOU write something down that you want in your future family or want to change in your current family and work on that now? As you make those plans and changes, God will bless you in your efforts.
I sure love my family and am incredibly grateful to have been born into the Johnson Family. I wouldn't trade them for the world.
Sure do love you!

Sister Neener (:

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