Monday, May 20, 2013

Tales from Tullahoma

Howdy doo!
To begin with, THANK YOU one and all for the birthday love you sent my way! I have been beyond spoiled and I thank you for thinking of me. The best birthday present, 2 baptismal dates set!!! They moved in with our other baptismal dates and they wanted the same light that they had. So basically the 4 dates in that 1 apartment is making that place glow. We still have to work on Word of Wisdom issues so please keep them all in your prayers!
We had set another baptismal date the day before that. Everyone asks us what our secret is and we just tell them that we are so new, all we can do is trust in the Lord. I just feel so awesome being an instrument for the Lord! In my personal opinion, everyone needs to serve a mission at least once in their lifetime. For now, just keep magnifying your callings, VISIT your visiting/home teaching families, and always serve others.
Last Monday, all the zone leaderships were able to play around in Nashville. One of our zone leaders had served in that area so he gave us a driving tour of Nashville and I was reminded once again how much I love the city. We also visited Opryland, a hotel with 9 acres of greenery inside including a little river and waterfall. That is where we will be staying when you come to pick me up Mom and Dad, right? We ended the night by singing the National Anthem at the Nashville Sounds baseball game. I proceeded to be stereotypical and eat hot dogs and cracker jacks. We left before the end of the game so I had no idea who won or really anything that happened in the game. Some things never change.
It looks like S. Pearson and I will be in Tullahoma for another transfer! The Stake President has connections with Presiden McKee and only allows the best missionaries into his stake so we figured we must be okay if they are keeping us here!
Some other things of note:
-People keep giving us flowers. It pays to be a sister missionary.
-I love it when people call me "Ma'am"
-We taught a lesson and said a prayer in a dental office the other day
-The humidity has arrived and my hair has most graciously welcomed it. Hello curls and frizz!
Family and friends, WILL YOU continue to fulfill the Lord's commandment to share the gospel by reading the 3rd lesson in PMG, The Gospel of Jesus Christ? This is the way and the Lord has lovingly revealed it to His children here on earth! Are we not blessed?
Mucho love to you all!
Love Sister Neener (:

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