Monday, May 13, 2013

Contacting, Meetings, and Meeting Contacts

Hello everyone!
This week has been one crazy ride. Here's the breakdown:
Monday: We went fishing in a member's front of their house...because most people have ponds, pools, and music rooms correct? I caught a total of 6 fish and we just won't mention the size.
Tuesday: Sister Tenny and I were invited to the mission home to attend the Zone Leader Conference. Whilst there, they announced that all the sisters there (2 from each zone) were Sister Training Leaders for their zone. WHAT?!?! Ok, I knew sister leadership positions were coming and that that was maybe a possibility for me in the future, but not now when I'm not even done with the 12-week-training program! I have no idea what the Lord has in store for me, but I know that I will be relying completely on Him. On top of that, a reporter for The Tennessean (a statewide newspaper) came to do an article on the new influx and age change for the sister missionaries. Me, being of course the only 20 yr old in the midst of all the other seasoned sisters, was picked out to be interviewed. I just had to put on a good face for the pressure or anything. I have no idea if I will be quoted or not, but the first person to find out wins a high-five.
Wednesday: We had zone meeting, which as a STL, I received the privilege to train all the other missionaries in our zone. The coolest part was that we held the mtg in the oldest LDS church bldg. It was built in 1909 and is located in "the mountains" in Altamont.
Thursday: Another drive down to Nashville for a training mtg. I was able to see my MTC zone missionaries and Nashville Tribute Band performed for us. Goodness I just love their music! Also we had a lady named Sister Flake speak to us about women and the priesthood power. It was a powerful and deep discussion, which all female members should hear and strive to understand.
Friday and Saturday: Contacting our gazillion referrals.
Sunday: Skype with the family! My favorite part was the biggest belly contest. Evan wins.
And now today I will be going back down to Nashville to do some cultural activities and sing "The National Anthem" with a group of missionaries at a baseball game. I think the team is called the Nashville Sounds or something like that. Anyways, more of that next week. Also I'm going to be 21 this week (again, WHAT?!) and by this time next week I should know if I'm staying or going.
I don't know if my breath will ever be caught, but I love my missionary life!
Continuing on with last week's commitment, this week WILL YOU read Lesson 2 :The Plan of Salvation in PMG? I love telling investigators that it is also called The Plan of Happiness! How much joy does it bring to you to have that knowledge? How has the knowledge affected the way that you live this life?
I love you all and thank you for your prayers, emails, and support!
Please pray for the people here in Tullahoma who have been through so much and need their hearts to be prepared to receive the gospel.
Much love,
Sister Neener (:

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