Monday, March 11, 2013

Drum roll please.............
We set two baptismal dates last night!! Wooohooo! Which is absolutely amazing considering that Sis. Tenny and I just opened this area two weeks ago! Miracles are happening in Tullahoma and we have the vision that there will be a Tullahoma stake in the future. So the lady we are baptizing is married to a less-active man. She expressed the desire to come to church so they came, we ate dinner at their house, and before I knew it, my companion gave me the cue to invite her to baptism and she said YES! Her daughter later asked if she could be baptized too! Two baptisms, two less-actives being reactivated, and two potential investigators all in the same family! It was incredible to see how the Spirit worked on Barbara and her family-all my companion and I did was invite. Two months ago Barbara would have said no to the invitation, but the Lord prepared her and blessings will ensue!
Another noteworthy events of this week: We went to a ward party where we had not just one, but two celebrity guests- Elvis Presley (no surprise there) and Abe Lincoln! Don't worry, I took a picture with him and he gave me a fake signed $5 bill. The Tennessee love is growing. We also tracted into Wayne who is a Chicago crooked cop/gangster. Strangest thing to run into whilst in a small Tennessee town, but I would love to see him be baptized. The Lord works in mysterious ways. Also I saw a real live possum.
Missionary work is very much a rollercoaster, but the Lord is in control. I read a talk in this month's Ensign called "The Enabling Power of the Atonement." There is a quote by Elder Holland where he says something to the effect that the most common commandment broken by Latter-day Saints is that of peace. Weird to think about, but why should we have doubts and fears when we are in the very hands that were nailed to the cross. Jesus Christ wants us to accept and embrace peace. My challenge for you this week is to find peace everyday. If you seek peace from Him, you will find it.
I love everyone so very much! Always, always, always pray.
Love, Sister Neener (:
PS New changes to the missionary handbook: We can now email friends and not just family. You can announce that on facebook if you want, but I still love getting letters.
PPS I only have the email addresses of people who have emailed me so send me one and I'll send one back!
PPPS I feel like Janelle because everyone out here talks so slow and I feel like I'm just going off a million miles an hour.
PPPPS It was 73 degrees yesterday! Excited about the warmth, but dreading the summer. I am going to be a popsicle.

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